Library Rules for Grades 7-12

  • Library Rules

     **This list is not comprehensive.  Library staff will add rules as the need arises.**


    Be respectful of Miss Reed, Mrs. Burgoyne, and your fellow students.

    Treat library assistants with the same respect you would show a teacher. If you are concerned about a request made by a student assistant, please bring it up to Mrs. Burgoyne.

    Miss Reed and Mrs. Burgoyne will not override a decision made by the other.  Don't bother asking.

    Come directly to the library from your study hall. You must check in before using the restroom. If you stop somewhere else or will be late, you are expected to bring a pass. If you do not arrive within 1 minute of the study hall sheet you will be sent back to study hall upon arrival.

    Bring work, read a book or magazine, or use the computer. Students who are doing none of the above may be asked to leave.

    One person per computer.  No spectators.

    All electronic devices, including MP3 players, are prohibited.

    Cell phones are prohibited. If you need a calculator, bring a calculator.

    Use a quiet voice.  If we can hear you from the front desk, you are too loud.

    Four students per table, sitting in chairs, two chairs to either long side of the table.  Do not turn around to speak with students at the table behind you.

    Grades 7-11 are allowed one library visit a day.  Do not stop in at other times to read the paper or get magazines.

    If your study hall does not take the study hall sheet when dismissed, everyone on the sheet will not be allowed to come to the library the following day.

    Clean up your own mess.

    No food or drink. Food will be confiscated. Drinks are to be left on the front counter.

    No downloaded games, even if you did not personally download them.

    Using a computer login other than your own (or allowing someone to use your login) will result in an immediate library suspension and possible computer suspension.

    Throwing things will result in an immediate library suspension of at least one week, with no warning given.

    Seniors and NHS members are accorded additional privileges:

    -       They may come to the library more than once per day.

    -       Up to six seniors or NHS members may sit at one table. If one underclassman is at the table, original 4-per-table rule applies.

    -       They may have drinks at their tables.



    First offense: Warning
    (Note: First offenses may require additional punishment based on their severity)

    Second offense: One week out of the library

    Third offense and beyond: One month or more out of the library