Library Club

  • Are you interested in working in the library during your study halls? Applications are now open for the 2016-2017 Library Club!

    Why should you join the Library Club? You'll receive the following benefits and privileges:

    • You may come to the library more than once a day.
    • You can use the refrigerator and microwave in the library.
    • You'll be allowed behind the counter (subject to change by any staff member at any time).
    • You'll be able to provide input on new library programs and policies.

    As a member of the Library Club, you'll have the following responsibilities:

    • You'll need to show up for your shift ready to work.
    • You'll have assigned tasks like reshelving books, dusting shelves, or helping Miss Reed or Mrs. Burgoyne prepare materials for elementary classes.
    • You'll be expected to learn OPALS well enough to assist other students in using it.
    • There will be occasional lunch meetings.

    If you'd like to apply to be a member of the Library Club, please fill out the following application using your HDCS email account.

    2016-2017 Library Club Application

    Interviews will be scheduled after the application deadline. If you have any questions, please let Mrs. Burgoyne know.