Curriculum, Expectations, & Grading Policy

  •  First Grade Curriculum, Expectations, and Grading Policy

                Our first grade reading and math curriculum can be a bit challenging at the beginning of the year, but most of our first graders do well with practice.

    In reading we will be reviewing the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. We will learn new digraphs such as th, sh, ch, ck, ee, oi, aw, ou, or, er, ar, oo as well as the long vowel sounds (cake, bite, cube, etc.) We will also practice reading and writing sight words or “tricky” words. These are words such as havewhere, and the that have to be memorized rather than sounded out. We will assess your child’s skills using written tests for each unit. These grades will be on your child’s report card. We will also assess your child’s reading level throughout the year. Students will read a leveled book and we will keep track of their errors and comprehension. Our goal is for them to read at a level G book or higher by the end of first grade. 

    After the first couple of months of school, your child will have weekly spelling tests. Each test consists of 8 words and we expect the children to practice nightly. Spelling tests will be graded and that grade will also be on the report card. 

    In math, we will be practicing counting to 120, working with place value, being fluent in adding and subtracting up to 20, adding two digit numbers using different strategies, measuring using inches and centimeters, identifying ½ and ¼, telling time to the hour and half hour, and identifying coins and shapes. We spend a lot of time on adding and subtracting and place value. Some of the strategies we teach are quite different from what you may have used. This gets easier for the children the more we practice and is needed in the upper grades. A great website to check out is This site contains parent videos and tips to help with the math homework. Your child will have nightly math homework. He/she will receive credit for it, but it will not be graded.

    Every year we are so excited to see the progress the children have made. They enter as kindergartners and leave as second graders. The growth they make is enormous. Our goal is to help your child reach his/her full potential. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at school (347-3442) any time you have questions about our curriculum or your child’s progress. 

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