Classroom Information

  • Classroom Information:


    Welcome to the wonderful world of second grade. This will be an exciting year for your child. The following is some information you may find helpful.

    Supplies: We will be collecting and sharing some supplies.

    • Pencils, Pencils, Pencils-Please replenish throughout the year. These will be collected and shared.
    • Crayons-small box only
    • Scissors (please label)
    • glue sticks
    • Erasers
    • Supply box (please label)
    • Dry erase markers (fine tip)
    • One container of disinfectant wipes (not baby wipes)
    • 1/2 inch hard cover white binder
    • 2 folders


    Your child should expect 1-2 pages of homework each night except Fridays and before vacations. Spelling lists and math facts should be studied nightly. Any classwork that was not completed during the day becomes homework. Homework is due at 8:00 the next morning. Students should also be reading to you each night. Homework is an important part of learning through practice and learning responsibility so if homework is not done by 8:00am your child will miss the next recess. 

    School Rules:

    No birthday invitations are allowed to be distributed in school. NO Toys, collector cards or electronics should be brought to school. IF these items are brought to school we will confiscate and return at the end of the day the first time, after that we will require a parent to pick the item up.

    We expect all children to be respectful of themselves and others at all times. Children should be prepared for school each day and ready to learn. We also feel that honesty is very important. Bullying in any for will not be tolerated.

    Snacks: Your child may bring in an individual snack each day. This is a website designed by New York State. It includes all the standards, suggested curriculum and other information that will be presented throughout the year.

    Friday Papers: Your child will bring home Friday papers each week, Please review these with him/her and return the folder each Monday.