Second Grade Curriculum and Grading Policies:

  • Second Grade Curriculum and Grading Policies:

    Listening and Learning:

    Listening and Learning is a large part of the second grade curriculum. Students will be expected to listen to information and use it to answer questions and write responses. This is a vocabulary rich program that includes a good deal of information in both Science and Social Studies. As your child learns they will acquire important background information.

    Domains (Units) include the following topics:

    Fairy Tales and Tall Tales

    Westward Expansion

    Early Asian Civilization


    Ancient Greek Civilization

    The US Civil War

    Greek Myths

    The Human Body

    The War of 1812


    Cycles in Nature

    Fighting For a Cause


    There are six Skills Units. These units include skills for reading, phonics, grammar, and writing. Unit 1 reviews much of the information that was taught in grade 1 with some new information included. Each unit gets progressively harder while building on what was already learned. By unit 6 skills will become much more writing intensive. The Skills program also includes a decodable reader for each unit. Each decodable reader progresses with the unit and includes mostly words that students have the skills to decode or sight words they have learned. Each unit and lesson builds on each other.


    By the end of second grade your child will be expected to write  paragraphs with a topic and an end sentence that includes vivid details and stays on topic. They will also be expected to use good writing mechanics. We will start week one with writing complete sentences and build on that until we have reached our goal.


    Most weeks we will have a spelling list. Tests will be on Fridays. Students will be expected to study these words each night.

     Reading Groups:

    Each child will be in a small, leveled reading group of no more than 6 students. They will be instructed on their own level and will work on accuracy, fluency, decoding skills, strategies and comprehension as well as responding to text in writing. This is one of the most important instruction times of the day. As children progress the group will move up in levels and sometimes change groups based on skills. While I work with individual groups the other students will be working on reading skills such as word work, listening, writing, reading to self, or partner reading. By the end of second grade your child should be able to read and comprehend on a level M.

    Grading Policy:

    All graded assignments, tests and projects are weighted equally on a 100 point scale unless otherwise noted. Assignments that are for practicing skills will not be graded but are considered just as important as a graded assignment.