5th Grade ELA & Writing

  • 5th Grade ELA

    What's unique about our program is that we meet for two class periods. This allows more time for additional reading and writing practice, group work, and creative activities.


    Homework assignments will reinforce and supplement learning that takes places in the classroom.  Practice increases confidence in your child's abilities, which often leads to motivation and success.  Homework assignments will help students gain a greater understanding of the subject and helps me to evaluate whether your child is grasping important concepts taught in class.

    Daily homework will be assigned and will be posted in the "homework" section of my website. However, students will be strongly encouraged to complete their work at school.

    Students should be reading for at least 15 minutes every night.

    Grading Policy

    Students will be graded using a point system.

    A breakdown of the grade they will receive on 5-week reports and report cards is as follows:

    Comprehension - 30% of their grade

    Writing - 30% of their grade

    Grammar - 10% of their grade

    Vocabulary - 10% of their grade

    Homework - 10% of their grade

    Spelling - 10% of their grade