Curriculum, Homework and Grading

  •   Curriculum, Grading and Homework 

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    Third Grade Homework and Grading Policy
    Homework assignments will reinforce and supplement learning that takes places in the classroom.  Practice increases confidence in your child's abilities, which often leads to motivation and success.  Homework assignments will help students gain a greater understanding of the subject and helps me to evaluate whether your child is grasping important concepts taught in class.
    Frequency of Homework:
    Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday.  Students will be expected to read each night for a minimum of 15 minutes.  In addition, you child will be expected to study spelling words each night.  Tests will be given on Fridays.  On occasion your child may have additional homework or tests to prepare for.  Homework should take no longer than 30 minutes.
    Incomplete Homework:
    Students that do not hand in homework on time will receive 5 points off for each day that it is late and will be required to complete the late assignments during his or her recess and/or free time.  Work missed during an absence will be given to your child to complete at home and should be completed in the same amount of time your child was absent.  Some exceptions will apply.
    Numerical grades will be assigned to reflect student mastery of third grade ELA and Social Studies curriculum.  Grades will be calculated from tests, quizzes, class work, homework and/or projects in each quarter.  Progress reports will be mailed home every 5 weeks and report cards will be mailed home every 10 weeks.