K-5 Information Sheet


    Hermon- DeKalb Central School


    Date : September, 2019


    Dear Parent and/or Guardian,

    I would like to share my expectations for my Physical Education students for this school year.

    Students will be learning basic movement skills and knowledge in physical education, which in turn encourages them to be active and healthy.

    In all grades we stress Safety, Hard Work, Good Sportsmanship and Teamwork, in all activities.

    Also, please be aware of the following guidelines for physical education:

    1. If your child needs to be excused from physical education activities please write a note and have your child bring it to the nurse at the beginning of the day or give it to their classroom teacher.
    2. If a doctor limits physical education participation in part, please ask them to be specific as to the amount of activity or what your child can/cannot do, as well as when they are able to again fully participate in class.
    3. For your child's safety as well as the liability involved, your child will NOT be allowed to participate without proper footwear in physical education. Proper footwear includes tennis-type/sneaker shoes--those with a flat bottom (no heel) and the foot fully covered. Crocs, sandals, dress shoes, boot-like shoes, and any heeled shoes are NOT appropriate types of footwear for physical education class, and your child will not be able to participate in that day's activities if these type of shoes are worn. One way to always have your child be prepared for class is, if they have an extra pair of sneakers, is to keep them in their classroom during the week. I also recommend that they do not wear jewelry or chew gum during class.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call me. Thanks for all your help, and I look forward to helping your child learn this year.


    Your Physical Education Teacher
    Ms. Mattraw