• Proposed Gym Renovation Project

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q. Rather than remodel our gym why don't we just build a whole new additional gym?

    A. A complete new gym space would not qualify for state building aid (currently 93 cents on the dollar). This would shift the entire cost of the new space to the taxpayers. The proposed remodel, however, allows us to qualify for state aid.


    Q. Will the new gym space be smaller than it is now?

    A. On the contrary: the main court, seating and PE space will be larger as the brick support wall and the bleacher section will be removed. The new gym will allow for two courts as large as the main gym is now. It will also allow for a combined space to have large contests and activities as well.


    Q. Will the gym have retractable backboards?

    A. Yes. There will be 6 total retracting backboards as well as two portable backboards.


    Q. Will the full gym be able to be separated by a divider?

    A. Yes. A ceiling-to-floor fabric/mesh curtain will be used to separate the two courts allowing practice or games in two gyms that are equal to the size of our current main gym.


    Q. How long will it take to complete this gym renovation?

    A. This project could take up to 7 months. It would start in mid-April and be completed by November of the same year.


    Q. What will the new seating capacity be?

    A. The new seating capacity will increase from 400 to 600 seats.


    Q. Will team benches be opposite the bleachers?

    A. Yes. When using the full floor area for a game team chair seating and the scorers table will be on the opposite side opposite of the main bleachers.


    Q. Can we play two games at once?

    A.Yes. By using the curtain, the gym could accommodate two contests at once in courts as large as our current main gym. There will be spectator seating for both courts.


    Q. Will gym class space be reduced?

    A.  No. There will be more room when we remove the wall and bleachers between the two gyms.


    Q. Will locker rooms be updated?

    A. The boys locker room will undergo major renovations including new lockers, shower stalls and bathroom facilities. The girls locker room will see updates in bathrooms and shower facilities as well.


    Q. When a JV/Varsity game is going on can other teams still practice?

    A. No. During any contest that uses the full main gym, practice is not possible. However, prior to or after a game, teams will be able to practice in 2 full-sized gyms rather than using the current small gym. Many other local schools have only one gym for practices and this design will improve on that practice.


    Q. If a modified game is in the front gym can there be other practices in the back?

    A. Yes. By using the draw curtain a modified game could be held in the front gym and would still allow for full size court practices in the back gym or even two modified contests at the same time.