• This group is made up of 5th grade students just starting their musical journey on a musical instrument.  We are very fortunate this year to have a 5th grade band class where all of the sudents meet once a cycle as a band.  I am very excited to see and hear the progress your students make this year!


    Band Karate:  I use band karate as a motivational tool to keep students practicing.  Students pass off on various exercises from their method book to earn a karate belt.  Each belt gets progressively more difficult to pass.  The goal is to try to get to a black belt by the end of the year.  Each student has a karate sheet which tells them what they need to practice to pass each belt.  Exercises can also be found on youtube if your student needs extra help outside of school.  Students that pass their belt receive a laminated belt card to display on their instrument case. 


    Practice logs: Practice logs need to be filled out in between each lesson.  I ask students to log their practice time to help develop good practicing habits.  Practicing is ESPECIALLY important this year because they are still learning the basics.


    Band Bucks:  Band bucks are earned by completing 60 minutes on their practice log, and having their practice log initialed by a parent or guardian.  Each 60 minutes practiced earns one band buck.  Band bucks may be turned in for prizes from my prize box.