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Hermon DeKalb Central School

Hermon-DeKalb Central School was formed by the merging of Hermon School and DeKalb Junction High School (D.H.S.).

If you have items to contribute, please feel free to contact Karen Clemons by email at or by phone at 315-347-3442.

Hermon-DeKalb Historical Class Photos

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DeKalb Junction High School

DeKalb Junction High School

DeKalb Junction Alma Mater

The Crimson and the Gray

Although Hermon always favors
The Orange and the Black,
And the illustrious sons of Russell
To the Purple and Gold are true;
We will always love ours dearly,
Although they’re not so gay,
While we work within these walls
For the Crimson and the Gray.
Through the four long years of High School,
Midst the scenes we know so well,
As the mystic charm to knowledge
We vainly seek to spell,
Or we win athletic victories
In the base or basketball fray,
Still we work for dear DeKalb
And the Crimson and the Gray.
When the cares of life o’er take us,
Mingling fast our locks with gray,
Should our dearest hopes betray us,
False fortune fall away;
Still we banish care and sadness,
And we will e’er be gay,
When we think of D.H.S.
And the Crimson and the Gray.

Hermon High School

Hermon High School