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Financial Aid

Financial aid mostly comes from the Federal and State Governments and your college to help you and your family pay for college. Aid includes grants, work study, loans, scholarships, and other awards. It can also come from private organizations, clubs and associations. It is important to apply as early as you can and understand different financial aid programs to get the most assistance in paying for a college education.

Your college costs are more than just tuition. It can include tuition, room and board, books, supplies, transportation, personal living expenses and any other fees. If you are applying to more than one college, you will be able to compare award letters and determine which college is the most affordable while also providing students with a quality education. There is a comparison tool on the HESC website that can help to determine which package will give you the most bang for your buck.

Q: How much can my family and I expect to pay out of pocket?

A: There are tools to help estimate the cost of college and will estimate out-of- pocket costs for the family. College websites are required to have a "Net Price Calculator" which will help students estimate college expenses and will also estimate the family contribution. The calculator will provide you with an early estimate of your financial responsibility and the aid that you may qualify for. The price reflects your estimated costs of attending SUNY as a freshman or transfer student less your estimated financial aid. 

Click here for the SUNY Net Price Calculator.

Financial Aid Online (Federal)

Step 1

Click here to apply for a FSA ID.

Step 2

Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is much faster and easier to apply online rather than filing the paper form.

Once you complete your FAFA, as a resident of NYS, you will then be linked to the TAP online application for New York State Aid. The TAP application will be auto filled with information from your FAFSA. 

Step 3

You should recieve your Student Aid Report (SAR) within 5 business days through email. If you happend to not submit an email address, you will receive a paper copy within about 2 weeks of filing your online FAFSA. You can check the status of your SAR at any time via the FAFSA portal.

When you receive your SAR, make sure you double check your information and compare the figures with your tax returns and make any corrections that might be needed.




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    • FastWeb is the premier online resource for paying and preparing for college. They have excelled in providing students with the resources to realize their educational pursuits, from the time they begin their college search in high school to the day they land their first job after graduation. Fastweb has been helping students since 1995.
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