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Image of school buses outside school building

Transportation is provided for all district students. Hermon-DeKalb Central School District has an obligation to provide students with proper and safe transportation to and from school.

Likewise students are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner, which will ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers. Actions such as fighting, yelling, throwing objects, use of abusive language, moving from seat to seat, smoking, or other objectionable behavior may result in the loss of the privilege of riding the bus.

The Discipline Consequences as indicated below apply to bus riders. Video cameras are used on school buses and the contents of the tapes may be used to discipline students.

Bus Rules

The following rules have been established to ensure the safety of all students riding a school bus:

  1. Remain seated and facing the front of the bus when the bus is in motion
  2. The bus driver may assign seats
  3. Talk quietly and use appropriate language
  4. Do not talk to the driver when the bus is in motion
  5. Keep head, hands, arms, legs, feet and all other body parts inside the bus at all times
  6. Do not litter inside the bus 
  7. Do not throw anything inside, around, into or out of the bus

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Eric Warner
Head Bus Driver
315-347-3442, Ext. 5