September 2020

    Administrative News

    From the Superintendent

    Dear Parents and Community Members:
    Welcome Back!

    During this past Spring and Summer, we as a state, have ridden the tide of COVID-19 on a daily basis.  We watched NYS go from the highest rates of infection to one of the lowest.  St. Lawrence county experienced the same wave; all be it at a much smaller scale than the rest of the state. Over the past several weeks, things have remained very stable in the county in regard to the transmission of the disease.  However, it has affected everyone in ways that have yet even been seen or understood.  As a public school, Hermon-DeKalb has also had to adapt to the changes with our central goal remaining to provide the best education for students who are learning in-person or in a remote setting.  This summer has been the most revolutionary and humbling time in most educators’ careers.  Rethinking the way school operates and interactions between pupils, teachers, and parents will be different from how we have done things before.

    We recently reached out to every family in the district with a personal phone call asking parents how they wanted their student(s) to start the school year, in person or remotely.  Using this information with students requiring transportation, we have put together a model that will allow students to meet in-person to start the school year five days a week.  We will require best practices regarding social distancing in and out of the classroom, the use of face masks, handwashing, and demonstrating other proper health techniques.

    Everyone has a role to play in this plan to make sure it is successful, including a before school health screening in the morning by parents.  If your son or daughter is sick in the morning, please do not send them to school. And if they have a fever above 100 degrees, keep them home and call the school nurse.   Please also note that visitors will be limited in the building.   If you need to drop something off for your child you will be asked to leave it in the Main Office area and not enter the building.   We are all doing our part to keep our students safe.

    Information will change right up to the last day before students enter the building on September 8th.  The two best qualities to start this year are flexibility and positivity.  These two qualities are essential in getting through this pandemic and emerging as a better school in the future. I sincerely thank the HD community for all of the support you have provided to the school over the last six months.

    Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime

    Mark White
    (315) 347-3442 or mwhite@hdcsk12.org



    September 2020

    Administrative News

    From the Principal

    News from the Principal….
    Welcome Back!

    We sure have been waiting for this day since March to say WELCOME BACK!!!!!   We have missed all of our students and can’t wait to have them in our school again.   Although things will look and operate differently, we are still the same Hermon-DeKalb Demons and we will make the best of all the situations that face us.   I am looking forward to new and returning smiling faces filling our halls in September!

    This year we will welcome some new staff members to HDCS, our staff will be focusing our instruction to increase the use of technology, including Chromebooks, in lessons and using new tips and tricks to help our students our staff have learned since March.  We will spend a lot of time in September helping students understand Google Classroom and Email in hopes that if we have to go to a period of remote learning, or if a student is out for an extended period of time, the transition will be much easier for students and families.

    Although the changes to the way we operate to keep everyone safe weigh heavy on our minds, we want your child to be happy and successful at HDCS.  Working together as a team both parents and staff play a key role in helping to prepare students to be prepared for their future.  As parents you can continually support your children at home by talking to your child about their school experience every day, attending school events to help build a positive and supportive community and communicating regularly with the classroom teacher, counselors and administration.  Effective and open dialogue between home and school plays a key role in every child’s academic experience.

    I am excited for this new school year at Hermon-DeKalb and look forward to working with you as we partner to continue to offer our students a terrific school experience.  I welcome your thoughts and questions, and encourage you to contact me at any time through email at mfoster@hdcsk12.org or phone at 315-347-3442.

    Megan Foster
    PK-12 Principal