February 2020

    Administrative News

    From the Superintendent

    Dear Parents and Community Members:

    Welcome 2020!  Best wishes to the school community as we head into the 20’s.  The second semester of the school year is now underway as we have reached the halfway point with about 90 days left in the academic year.  The winter months are some of the busiest times here at school with activities and events nearly every night of the week and weekends.

    This year HD has been offering a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program for grades 3-12 which includes practical woodworking, 3D printing and design along with computer programming.   Our goal is to expose students to a wide variety of technology and practical skills and develop critical thinking skills they can use in the future. We also are offering hunters safety courses to all students in grade 7.  This is a 20-week program qualifying students for a NYS hunting license.    

    We are currently developing the budget for the 20-21 school year. The BOE will be working over the next several months on prioritizing district needs.  Janet Boyd, Business Manager, and I are meeting with all teachers and departments to firm up our school’s individual program needs for the next school year and beyond.  

    Capital Project Update

    Our Capital project is nearing approval by the State Education Department.  Parts of the project will go out to bid in mid to late January for an April start on the gymnasium part of the project.  

    Board of Education Seats

    There will be two 5-year seats as well as a two-year BOE seat to fill on the Board of Education this year.  The 5-year positions are currently held by Angela Grant and Eli Tracy.  The 2-year position is the remainder of the term held by Shawn DeLorme Jr. who resigned from the BOE in January.   Petitions will be available at the school starting March 2.  The deadline for filing petitions for the Board seat is Monday, April 20 at 3:00 PM.  The vote on the Budget and the BOE seats will be held on Tuesday, May 19 from 1 PM-8 PM.  

    Should you have any questions about the budget process, project or BOE seats please contact Janet Boyd, Business Manager, any Board Member, or myself.


    Mark White


    February 2020

    Administrative News

    From the Principal

    News from the Principal….

    As winter wears on this is often a time when students need to be reminded of the importance of school and completing their work.  Most often grades will drop during the 3rd quarter and we see an increase in students missing school.  There are many reasons for this possible drop in grades and attendance.  As parents and educators it is important for us to continue to encourage our kids to keep working and keep coming to school.  To work when they’d rather take an afternoon nap.  To read the textbook or review notes instead of playing video games.  To finish all of the problems they have for homework instead of just trying a few.  To not wait until study hall to complete an assignment.  If you are concerned with your child’s grades or attendance please contact the school to discuss what we can do to help.  We have a variety of options to assist students, from after-school help to extra tutoring during their school day. 

    Each spring our students in grades 3-8 are tasked with showing us their abilities on the New York State ELA and Math tests.  We look forward to seeing what our students are truly capable of when they are not under the stress of the time and assessments that are too lengthy for their abilities.  The results of these assessments will help HDCS teachers and administration reflect on the materials being taught in our classrooms and allow us to continue to make alterations to our curriculum to prepare every student leaving HDCS to be college and career ready.  If you have questions please give me a call. 

    Our school will host the spring parent teacher conferences in April.  If you would like to request a conference with your child’s teacher or team of teachers, please feel free to contact Angela Fenlong to set up conference for students in grades PreK-6 and the Guidance Office for any students in grades 7-12.   

    Please feel free to contact me at school if you have any concerns or questions.

    Megan Foster       

    PK-12 Principal