January 2022

    Administrative News

    From the Superintendent

    News From the Superintendent…

    Dear HD Community,

    We are nearly ten weeks into school already.  We have experienced some of the warmest weather in recent memory this fall, but we all know what's coming just around the corner.

    Getting things back to "normal" has been a challenge with the restrictions and requirements placed on schools to start the year.  We continue to have students and staff in and out of quarantine during this school year's first quarter.  However, we have been able to keep the building open and buses running, including our afterschool program.  Currently, we are voluntarily testing nearly 90 staff and students every week.  If numbers in the county decrease, we hope to roll back some of these restrictions.

    Our building project is nearing completion this month with some water and heating work wrapping up by the first of November.  Many parents got a first look at some of the finished projects during Meet the Teacher night and during our 4-6 basketball games.

    As winter approaches, basketball games, concerts, and other events are finally returning to the calendar.  Currently, we are planning on opening these events back up for parents and other spectators with some restrictions that include wearing a mask and social distancing while in the building. In addition, our evening fitness room will open as well.  Look to our webpage Event Calendar and Facebook page for the latest schedules.

    Students that are out on quarantine should stay in contact with their teacher while they are out.  We also have two tutors available for any student quarantined or out of school for illness.  If you have any questions in regard to academics or school operations, please feel free to reach out to me.

    Mark White



    January 2022

    Administrative News

    From the Principal

    News from the Principal….

    As the temperatures get cooler and the days grow shorter we are reminded that winter is right around the corner.  This change in the weather also means an increase in the responsibility for students, parents and the school to ensure safety in and out of the building.

    Dress for the Season

    One of the best ways to prepare for emergencies is to have the proper clothing.  As road conditions change there is always a possibility of the bus becoming stuck or not able to operate correctly.  Please have students wear a coat, a hat and gloves on the bus.  This will provide them warmth as a new bus is sent to their aid or if they are transferred to another bus.

    Attendance, Every Day Counts

    As we near the end of the first quarter marking period it is important to remember the school’s policy on attendance.  Being present is one of the biggest factors in student success. 

    If your child is in need of help on how to complete any work while on remote please contact me. Students should be in daily contact with their teachers if they are out.

    Please feel free to contact me at school if you have any concerns or questions.

    Megan Foster
    PK-12 Principal