We are looking forward to a year filled with fun, adventure, and learning.  This year we will be studying a wide range of topics. 

    The STEAM program at Hermon DeKalb Central School is designed to integrate science and literacy.  Each unit is designed to use the science content to teach reading and writing skills. The units at each grade level address and extend the state’s science standards in life science, earth science, physical science, science and technology, history and nature of science, cultural, social and personal perspectives and science, and science as inquiry and process, as well as addressing environmental science concepts.  In addition, teachers are adding in engineering lessons and activities that integrate with the science units. Art and Social studies content and skills are also incorporated into the units.



    • Hands-on investigations
    • Inquiry processes
    • Field trips
    • Outdoor investigations
    • Connections with local scientists and professionals for projects or presentations
    • Service learning
    • Place-based education



    The acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  The Middle School program will involve application of mathematics principles to science principles and an appreciation of the interdependence of these disciplines.  The classroom will showcase a transformation from the typical teacher-centered experience into a learning environment that is driven by problem solving, discovery, exploratory learning and the active engagement of students in a problem in order to find its solution.  Our students will benefit by being taught independent innovation as they explore the greater depths of mathematics by using 21st Century skills - skills that are going to be required in our ever-changing society.  Our authentic lessons will allow our students to apply the principles of STEM in contexts that make connections between school, community, work and global citizenry. 


    The STEM class at Hermon DeKalb Central School is designed to give students an introduction into the application of STEM concepts in real world situations.    Students enrolled in this class should be prepared to create, communicate, think critically and collaborate with each other in as much as the class is based upon the tenets of 21st Century learning.  Technology and hands-on experiences will be interwoven throughout the curriculum on a daily basis.  The ultimate goal is to produce a well-rounded, mathematically sound individual capable of using knowledge in an authentic manner. 


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