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Hours & Info for Payment

Hermon DeKalb Central School now accepts credit cards or E-check for full payment of School Taxes.

Please follow the step by step instructions below or contact Kevin Gilbert, Tax Collector, for assistance.

From a computer, log onto

Click on County, St. Lawrence

Click on the button, "Look up current taxes at local collector"

On the far right under School District, click on Hermon DeKalb

Find your tax bill by providing one of the following pieces of infomation

Street Address OR

Last Name OR

Tax Map Number OR

Bill Number

Click on the button, "Proceed to Payment"

Put a check mark in the box that reads "I agree to pay service fee". the fee shown will be 2.65% for a credit card but will be $1.50 if E-check is selected.

Put a check mark in the box that reads, "Customer agrees to pay above total"

There is a blue tab for credit card or E-check. Select the appropriate one and enter your information.

Click next when finished and follow the remaining prompts.

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New tax Collection Hours for In-person payment

Tax Collection Hours starting September 1, 2020 through October 30. 2020 will be:

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday     3:30 - 5:00 PM

OR contact Kevin Gilbert, Tax Collector, for an appointment