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Zachary Ribert

The Hermon-DeKalb Central School District has published its school supply lists for elementary school children ahead of the upcoming 2024-25 school year. By releasing the lists early, we hope families will have more time to purchase the necessary supplies over the summer. These lists are thoughtfully prepared to equip students with the essential tools for full engagement and success in their classes. Lists for middle and high school students is coming soon.

Pre-K - Mrs. Carr

  • Tissues
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • 1 box of sandwich baggies
  • 1 box of gallon storage bags
  • 2 packages of baby wipes
  • 1 Backpack (large enough to fit a file folder)
  • 1 Small napping pillow (Should fit in backpack)
  • 1 Small crib size blanket (Should fit in backpack}
  • 4 glue sticks
  • An extra outfit with student's first & last name (shirt, pants, underwear, socks)
  • Flushable wipes (If your child requires bathroom assistance/diapers)
  • Pull ups (if your child requires them)

Pre-K - Ms. Axtell

  • 1 Backpack (large enough to fit a plastic folder I provide)
  • 1 Small throw pillow
  • 1 Small kid size blanket
  • A few extra outfits (shirt pants, underwear, socks)
  • 2 boxes of Kleenex

(I have all the crayons, scissors, etc. here at school already)

Kindergarten - Mrs. MacKay-Relling & Mrs. Hammond

  • Backpack
  • Water Bottle (with sports top to help reduce spills - please label with your child's name)
  • Supply box (hard plastic) - Mrs. Hammond's class ONLY
  • 4 Elmer's glue sticks
  • Fiskars scissors (blunt tip, please)
  • 4 boxes of 8 regular size Crayola crayons (truer color)
  • Watercolor paints (with only 8 different colors)
  • 4 black EXPO dry-erase markers (low odor)
  • 4 containers of Play Doh (3 oz containers, any color)
  • 1" 3-ring binder with clear front view (used as their take home binder)
  • 1 plastic folder with 3-ring binder holes (for take home binder)
  • 1 zipper pouch 3-ring binder holes (9x7 in. will go in take home binder to carry sight word cards, crayons, etc.)
  • 2 plastic pocket folders with prongs - 1 red and 1 blue
  • 1 plastic pocket folder - green - Mrs. MacKay-Relling's class ONLY
  • 1 or 2 containers for Lysol or Clorox wipes (no baby wipes, please)
  • 1 box of quart or gallon sized Ziplock bags ("slider" type preferred - easier for students to close)
  • Change of clothes (in a gallon Ziplock bag, labeled with your child's name)

Please bring ALL of your child's school supplies on Kindergarten Visitation Day. Most supplies will be collected and shared throughout the school year. Thank you so much!

Grade 1 - Mrs. Brown

  • Two 2-pocket folders
  • Crayons, 16 count or less
  • 2 bottles of school glue
  • 6 Eimers glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Water bottle with a spout (no twist caps)
  • 1 pack pre-sharpened pencils
  • 1 box of quart-sized ziploc bags (ONLY ZIPLOC, please)

Please DO NOT send in a pencil case/box ~ I have some that fit perfectly in the desks that hold all their supplies. Thank you kindly. I look forward to the new year with your FIRSTIES!!

Grade 1 - Mrs. LaMere

  • 2 two-pocket folders - the heavy duty vinyl ones please if possible
  • 1 bottle of Elmer's glue
  • Scissors
  • 12 pack of Crayola colored pencils

Please DO NOT send in a pencil case/box ~ we have some that fit perfectly in the desks that hold all their supplies. We also DO NOT need pencils, erasers or crayons ~ we have lots of those too. Thank you :) I look forward to the new year with your FIRSTIES!!

Grade 2 - Mrs. Morenz & Miss Stark

Welcome to Second Gradel The first day of school will be Thursday, September 5. Here is a list of supplies you will need for our classrooms. We thought this would help you buy things throughout the summer when there are sales.

  • 2 packages No. 2 pencils
  • 1 box of crayons and/or colored pencils
  • Erasers (cap or rectangular)
  • Scissors
  • 4 Glue Sticks
  • 1 Glue Bottle
  • School Supply Box
  • 2 packages Dry Erase Markers (any color)
  • 1 box sandwich bags
  • One 1-inch binder with clear pocket insert in front
  • One folder any color or design

Plain white t-shirt that will fit in June of 2024 (This is will be used for tie-dying and shirts will be worn on field trips throughout the school year. We also use it for a fun end of year activity!)

Optional Items

  • The school provides headphones, but your child may choose to bring in earbuds or their own headphones. Please label these with your child's name.
  • Squirt top water bottle to keep at your child's desk during the day (Please label with your child's name.)
  • Clorox Wipes or tissues to donate to our classroom

Please Note

We will have snack time everyday. Your child may bring a snack each day or bring in a large zip bag or container with snacks to choose from and when it needs to be replenished it will be sent home. This is helpful so that your child always has a snack at school. You can also send in a drink with your child for snack time. We ask that you try to send in healthy snacks and drinks. We save our "special treats" for our classroom party days.

Enjoy your summer! See you in September!

Grade 3 - Mrs. Holland & Mrs. Reardon

  • Backpack
  • Pencil Box
  • Scissors
  • Erasers (only the rectangular kind)
  • 1 package of dry erase Expo markers
  • Colored Pencils or crayons
  • Water Bottle
  • Package of 2 glue sticks

Pencils will not be needed as we purchase a special brand that works well in the electric sharpener.

We also strongly suggest that you take advantage of the parent portal in our SchoolTool grading system to keep up to do ate with your child's progress. If at any time of the year you have any questions, please feel free to call, email, write or come in for a conference with either of us.

Your child will usually have homework assignments Tuesday through Thursday. Please check their folder regularly.

We understand that this year will be a huge transition for your child. We will do our best to help make it a smooth one!

Grade 4 - Mrs. Peck & Mrs. Peacock

  • Post-it notes (3x3)
  • Dry erase markers
  • Crayons - 16 count
  • 1 1-subject spiral notebook
  • 2 Composition notebooks
  • 1- Pocket folders
  • Glue sticks (10)
  • Personal pencil sharpener
  • Pencils - Ticonderoga brand please :)
  • Water bottle with a straw and snap lid
  • White t-shirt 2 sizes up, so it'll fit at the end of the year for field trips
  • 2 boxes of tissues
  • Pair of scissors (5" or 6")
  • 4 yellow highlighters
  • Pencil box (5 1/2" X 8 1/2" at least)

Grade 5 - Mrs. Thorne & Mrs. Fountain

  • 2 -Low odor chisel tip dry erase markers
  • 2 - Packs of pencils (non-plastic coated)
  • 2- separate notebooks
  • 1 - Personal set of earbuds or headphones
  • 1 - Pack of glue sticks
  • 1 - Disinfectant wipes
  • 1- Box of tissues
  • 1-Pair of scissors
  • 2-Plastic folders (no paper please)

Please do not send a binder, supply box or pouch. These will be community supplies.

Grade 6

We hope you are enjoying summer vacation! Below you will find the supply list for 6th grade. If you are not able to purchase all the items, please let us know and we can help. We are looking forward to a great year!

  • Ticonderoga Pencils
  • 1 pack of dry erase markers
  • Colored pencils
  • 2 composition notebooks of 100 or more pages
  • 3 packages of 3x5" index cards
  • Water paint
Zachary Ribert

The Hermon-DeKalb Central School District is proud to announce the Class of 2024.


Image of young man standing outdoors posing for a photo

Andrew Platt, son of Timothy and Sarah Platt of Rensselaer Falls, has been named Valedictorian of the Hermon-DeKalb Central School Class of 2024. His academic achievements have earned him an overall grade point average of 95.66% and he will graduate with a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation. Andrew has also earned 47 college credits. Among his many honors and awards, Andrew is the recipient of the University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Award, Clarkson Leadership Award, Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Award and the RPI Rensselaer Medal. Additionally, Andrew is a member of the National Honor Society, Senior Class Treasurer, a member of the Varsity Soccer Team, ESports Team, Jazz Band, High School Band and on the Student Council. Andrew was also a participant in the All-County and Area All-State Bands and was recognized as WWNY TV Academic All Star and Arts All Star. In his free time Andrew enjoys talking with friends, gaming, thrifting and traveling with his family.

Andrew plans to attend SUNY Plattsburgh to pursue a degree in Business/Computer Science.


Image of a young woman posing for a photo in the woods

Chelsea Matthews, daughter of Jamie and Kimberly Matthews of Hermon, has been named Salutatorian of the Hermon-Dekalb Central School Class of 2024. Her academic achievements have earned her an overall grade point average of 93.58%. Chelsea will graduate with a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation. She has also earned 6 college credits. Chelsea was a valued member of the Softball and Basketball teams, Chorus, Band, Rock Ensemble and Drama Club. She participated in the Peer Mentoring Program, Reading Buddies, Cemetery Beautification, All-County for band, Project Challenge and has volunteered over 300 hours at the Hermon Library. In her free time, Chelsea enjoys singing, caring for animals, working and spending time with family and friends. Chelsea plans to attend SUNY Canton to pursue a degree in Applied Psychology.


Owen Green, son of Adam and Erin Green, is graduating with an overall average of 93.32% and will receive a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation. After graduation, Owen will pursue a degree in Homeland Security at SUNY Canton. Payton White, daughter of George and Rachael White, is graduating with an overall average of 93.23% and will receive a Regents Diploma. She is also a top achiever at Southwest Tech Center in Metal Working. Payton plans to work at Cives Steel after graduation.

Bailey Wright, daughter of John and Nichole Wright, is graduating with an overall grade point average of 90.40% and will receive a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation. She plans to attend SUNY Plattsburgh and pursue a degree in Elementary and Special Education.


Image of dozens of students standing in risers in commencement attire

A total of 28 Hermon-DeKalb students are expected to graduate from the school district this month. A graduation ceremony is planned for 7 p.m. on Friday, June 21, in front of the Hermon-DeKalb Central School Main Entrance.

Graduating students are listed below:

  • Henry Bogrette
  • Emily Carr
  • Kylie Carr
  • Cooper Carrow
  • Devin Chase
  • Colby Delorme
  • Natalie Denny
  • Saharrah Flanagan
  • Kinnon Gillie
  • Owen Green
  • Jacob Guzman
  • Damien Lottie
  • Ethan Mann
  • Chelsea Matthews
  • Michael Maurer
  • Kole Merithew
  • Alexander Moore
  • Caleb Murcray
  • Brynn Murray
  • Aaliyah O’Donnell
  • Jayla O’Donnell
  • Carson Peacock
  • Andrew Platt
  • Ayden Sears
  • Payton White
  • Olivia Woodrow
  • Bailey Wright
  • Wyatt Wright
Zachary Ribert

On May 21, Hermon-DeKalb Central School District voters approved the district’s $14.4 million 2024-25 budget proposal, elected two board of education members and approved the purchase of one school bus and one van. The budget proposition passed 157 to 22.

District-related propositions

  • A $14,420,973 budget for the 2024-25 school year that increases spending 1.11% ($158,522) and carries a tax levy increase of 2.99%: 157 yes; 22 no
  • Purchasing one new 65-passenger school bus and one 8-passenger van at an estimated maximum cost of $250,000: 153 yes; 25 no

Board of Education Election

Five candidates sought election to two open board of education seats.

Both terms will last five years, expiring June 30, 2029:

  • Michael Mac Cue (Incumbent): 94 votes (winner)
  • Ronald Smith (Incumbent): 72 votes (winner)
  • Rebecca Fenlong 56 votes
  • Kiera Warner 56 votes
  • Dale O’Donnell 41 votes

The terms all begin July 1, 2024.

Library proposition

Hepburn Library of Hermon tax collection, in the additional amount of $30,000 for a new total of $40,000 annually: 118 yes; 58 no
New York state education law allows libraries to place a funding proposition on school district ballots and requires school districts, at the libraries’ requests, to levy and collect taxes for libraries. The Hepburn Library of Hermon is a separate legal entity from the school district, with its own funding and budget.

Zachary Ribert

During the April 8 meeting of the Hermon-DeKalb Central School District Board of Education, members voted unanimously to once again encourage New York state lawmakers to lower the speed limit along a stretch of Route 11 near the school.

The board passed a resolution, which it previously approved for the first time in February 2020, calling for the speed limit to be reduced from 55 mph to 45 mph on Route 11 for the maximum distance the state will allow in each direction from the school district’s property.

While the entrance to the school is located on the immediately adjacent East De Kalb Road, the school’s athletic fields and playground are on Route 11. Students often walk or ride bicycles on the state route to attend school or school functions. They must navigate the four-way intersection of Route 11 and East De Kalb Road, which doesn’t have sidewalks or a crosswalk.

There is a steady flow of traffic in and out of the district’s parking lots. Much of that traffic must utilize the intersection, which has been the site of numerous vehicle crashes over the years, including two fatal accidents within the last four years.

“As a district, we have been advocating for this change for two decades,” said Superintendent Mark White. “While I understand we cannot arbitrarily adjust speed limits on state roads, this change is long overdue. We would like to see every opportunity to make the road safer for our students, staff and the community in general.”

The resolution formally supports two pieces of legislation; NY State Senate Bill 2023-S8791 and NY State Assembly Bill 2023-A9514. Both measures, if passed by lawmakers in the state senate and assembly, would allow the town of DeKalb to reduce the speed limit on this portion of Route 11.

On April 10, the town of DeKalb passed its own resolution on the issue in conjunction with the Hermon-DeKalb Board of Education resolution.

“We appreciate the longstanding support we’ve received from our local lawmakers and officials on this issue,” said White. “Our sincere hope is that this time, our collective efforts will be successful in fixing this dangerous situation.”

Zachary Ribert
Image of fourteen students standing on stage together

After a brief hiatus, Hermon-DeKalb's favorite talent show has returned to the district.

HD's Got Talent was held on Wednesday, March 13, allowing students to share their many talents with their classmates! The event also serves as a fundraiser for Hermon-DeKalb's fine-arts department.

A total of 14 students participated in the talent show, putting on 11 acts.

Violet Corbine won the first place prize, Hanna Foster won second place and Allyson Deleel won third place. Honorable mentions include Harrison Trudell, AJ DeLorme and Nicole DeLorme.